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Turning traditional buildings into smart buildings

Enabling smart connected buildings powered by cellular IoT

The introduction of cellular IoT connectivity to the property sector is opening up new levels of digital energy management and optimization while also boosting property value, minimizing energy costs, and reducing carbon emissions.

Connected Buildings Energy Management - A case study demonstrating cellular IoT business value to energy management and optimization for smart residential buildings

Connected Buildings
Energy Management

In this report, written in collaboration with Ericsson, we look closer at the property sector's challenges and the benefits that connected smart buildings can bring.

Get detailed knowledge of the vast potential in reducing annual energy costs and real-life numbers.

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Our software and services enable smart connected buildings powered by cellular IoT

We provide independent software, hardware, and supporting services to connect all old and new buildings to become a unified ecosystem that can control and optimize digitally.

Our vision is to stop all unnecessary energy usage and CO2 emissions in buildings. By providing easy-to-use technology that puts the property manager in control and gives you the information, you need to optimize energy use and the measures to impact the fight against climate change significantly.

With solutions for integration and connectivity, we help our customers achieve financial and sustainability objectives - digitalizing the heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems in new and old buildings.

What value can cellular IoT give to your business?

Run the numbers with Ericsson's interactive value calculator to estimate your business's cost savings and increased profitability.

Reduced energy consumption

In this study, the example property owner reduced energy costs by 10%, gaining about €158,000 in gross annual value.

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