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With our SCADA system, IWMAC, you get a hybrid web-based solution to stay in control of all your technical installations linked to refrigeration, freezing, buildings and manufacturing

Our powerful SCADA provides you with a comprehensive digital platform for operations, allowing you to visualize, monitor, and manage your installations.

Get started on a complete solution for data collection, overview, management, and notification – all while maintaining full control of your building, or keep a check on your refrigeration and freezing systems, avoiding expensive loss of inventory.

IWMAC Operation Control
Image: Get the most important notifications and alarm summary at a glance in IWMAC Operation Control.


Future-proof your technical installations

By connecting your system, you are free to choose the best solution regardless of the era of existing technology. ​The platform is fully independent and can integrate all technical systems across brand, supplier, and age, giving a functionality lift on older components.

Monitoring and control

With the help of good integration solutions, we monitor your facilities and notify you of deviations. See plant status and alarm settings, engine room images, access lists, overview images, temperature graphs, and display and service mode — providing you with a short path to cost reduction.

Alarm handling

IWMAC informs you immediately of non-conformances such as a heating, cooling, or ventilation system using an unusual amount of energy. You get easy alarm management with the ability to adjust settings, block alarms and a full history of alerts.

Remote control

Access the facility from the office or on the go. Log in and check alarms, settings, and energy consumption, or troubleshoot remotely – allowing you to adjust multiple buildings and systems simultaneously, and do optimization directly in the software.

Support and expertise 24/7

We help you get started and show you the potential to optimize energy usage and operations. Our experienced project managers ensure correct and effective installations and coordinate your delivery, and our support agents are online 24/7.

Security and rights management

Quickly determine access levels, add external companies, and assign duty officers to receive alarms from the plant. All passwords are encrypted in the database, and access to "service mode" requires two-factor authentication using a mobile phone registered to the user.

Open API

We collect all data across systems through our open API solution to give you maximum value. Regardless of the functionality of the third-party solution, you get a perfect match for older buildings with many different protocols of various ages.

Data storage and updates

Make cost control a top priority by connecting your system with IWMAC. System upgrades are always included – at no extra cost. Get high software security and storage of technical documentation and energy data. Sleep well, knowing everything is safe.

Secure at all times

IWMACs cloud solution is hosted by one of the largest hosting suppliers in the Nordics, Atea. They are certified on ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 14001, also in accordance with ITIL. All data is authenticated to secure safe transfer between gateway and cloud. 

Data in our cloud solution is stored at two data centres and backed up daily, while the infrastructure of the data centres is monitored 24/7. All components (firewalls, routers, switches) are secured with a High Availability (HA) Cluster setup.


Ready to connect

Increase the value of your chosen solution by expanding  IWMAC with our many complementary add-ons. Share data between buildings, suppliers or other systems, or visualize common KPIs and reports of your operation. 

IWMAC controls cooling, heating, ventilation, and lighting. A big advantage is that I don't have to sit in the office to follow that this works. I have a full overview with my mobile phone no matter where I am.

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