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Our solutions

Talk to our automation experts and find the perfect solution for your project.

Our solutions

To be sustainable, buildings – both new and retrofit – need to excel. Take a look at our custom solutions built for future needs.

Through an open, customizable, and user-friendly proptech platform, we build solutions to prove it's possible to meet the future cost-effectively.

What you get

Being integration experts, we connect systems and people, giving you:

Freedom to choose – regardless of era

Our platform can integrate all technical systems across brand, supplier, and age so that you can avoid expensive replacements and get ahead of meeting the sustainability goals.

Future-proof installations

We collect all data across systems (through our open API solution) to give you maximum value – regardless of the functionality of the chosen platform or third-party solution. ​

Lower environmental impact

Our scalable, non-intrusive cloud service can easily be applied to existing buildings or refrigeration systems, putting sustainability as a top priority.

Satisfied tenants

Using our intelligent, data-driven analysis, you can detect both physical errors and when you can tweak something to run more efficiently. Before the trouble even occurs.

The right skill and competence

We help you get started with your Kiona solution and show you the potential to optimize energy usage and operations. Our experienced project managers ensure correct and effective installations.

A network of gold

Our partners stretch all over Europe and have expanded knowledge of our systems and services – giving you efficient and well-qualified on-site help.