Solution Architect – Consulting Assignment

Challenge your knowledge and creativity as a Solution Architect and take part in a journey to unlock the full potential of our innovative SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution.
  • Håvard Sæther

    HR Manager

  • Carl-Fredrik Bang




We are hiring. Solution Architect.

Solution Architect

Employment: Consulting assignment
Start date: 2023
Location: Trondheim, Norway
Recruiting manager:
Carl-Fredrik Bang, CTO

As a key team member, you will dive into our SaaS offerings, consisting of four products developed on four distinct platforms and technology stacks. Your ingenuity will be tested as you uncover hidden opportunities for efficiency, scalability, maintainability, growth, and evolution across the products. Put it all together in a roadmap, where you have laid out the step-by-step journey we should take to reach the goal, with optimal cost-benefit for each step.

Key objectives

The success of our SaaS solution hinges on achieving specific objectives that are fundamental to its growth and optimization. As a Solution Architect, you will be at the forefront of these objectives, driving the evolution and effectiveness of our solution. Let's delve into the key objectives that await you:

1. Solution documentation

  • Thoroughly document the existing SaaS solution's architecture, design principles, and technical specifications, including each product's platform and technology stack details.
  • Create visual diagrams, flowcharts, or other supporting materials to aid in understanding the current solution and proposed roadmap.
  • Maintain accurate records of all documentation and ensure it is easily accessible for future reference.

2. Evaluation of the current solution

  • Analyze each product's performance, scalability, and reliability within the solution.
  • Identify any bottlenecks, limitations, or architectural gaps that may impede the solution's effectiveness.
  • Assess the integration capabilities and interoperability among the four products.
  • Evaluate the security measures implemented within the solution and identify potential vulnerabilities or improvement areas.

3. Future roadmap and recommendations

  • Based on the evaluation and stakeholder input, create a comprehensive roadmap outlining the steps required to enhance the current solution.
  • Propose architectural improvements, such as consolidating technology stacks, standardizing development practices, or implementing modern frameworks.
  • Suggest strategies for optimizing performance, scalability, and maintainability.
  • Provide recommendations for integrating the four products more seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Identify opportunities to leverage emerging technologies or industry best practices to future-proof the solution.
  • Estimate each recommendation's resource requirements, timeline, and potential risks.


Stakeholder engagement

  • Collaborate with development teams, the Information Security Manager, product managers, and other stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the solutions, requirements, pain points, and future business goals.
  • Conduct interviews and workshops to gather feedback and insights from key stakeholders.

Qualifications and skills

  • Extensive experience as a Solution Architect, preferably in SaaS environments.
  • Strong knowledge of various platforms, technology stacks, and architectural patterns.
  • Proficient in evaluating and assessing software solutions' performance, scalability, and security.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, with the ability to convey complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Experience with product integration and interoperability.
  • Familiarity with emerging technologies and industry trends.
  • Project management skills, including estimating resource requirements and managing timelines effectively.

Together, we will embark on an exciting journey, working towards unlocking the full potential of our innovative SaaS solution. We will drive efficiency, scalability, maintainability, and growth, ensuring our solution remains at the forefront of the industry. Join us on this transformative path as we make a lasting impact.

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