Transparency Act

Kiona Transparency Act Report 2023

Kiona Transparency Act Report

Transparency Act

Kiona Group is subject to the Norwegian Transparency Act.

The Transparency Act shall promote enterprises' respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with producing goods and providing services. Furthermore, the Transparency Act aims to ensure the general public access to information regarding how enterprises address adverse impacts on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

Through due diligence per the OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises, Kiona identifies risks for adverse impact, implements measures, and monitors and communicates with stakeholders to ensure respect for human rights and decent working conditions.

Our business model

Read more on this website or the Annual Report for the Kiona Group for more details on our products and business model.

Guidelines and procedures

Guidelines and procedures for handling actual and potential adverse impacts on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

  • We believe technology should be used as a force for good in society, including promoting energy optimization, refrigeration management, and environmental and energy monitoring.
  • We care for our people and our partners, customers, and end-users.

Our approach to advancing human rights incorporates international laws, principles, and norms, further supported by our policies, guidelines, and standards to ensure responsible operations.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct establishes appropriate standards of behavior in key areas for all our employees.

Supporting and respecting human rights is a must for Kiona, and we do not accept any exemptions to this for whatever reason. We expect ethical behavior in every aspect of Kiona companies' processes and professional relationships.

Violation or non-compliance with legal rules, written ethical guidelines, or ethical norms are handled following Kiona procedures and may involve liability under labor, criminal, and tort law. This applies to any person employed by, that delivers work or services to or is otherwise engaged with Kiona.

Working standards

Kiona aims to be a purposeful and excellent place to work and applies the highest standards for working conditions.

This includes;

  • Supporting the right to freedom of association and the right of all workers to form and join a trade union of their choice.
  • Always strive against unacceptable working conditions in all forms, and do not use, be complicit in or benefit from any form of forced or child labor.
  • Having a strong commitment to equal opportunities for our employees, irrespective of gender, transgender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnicity, skin color, race, disabilities, religious, political or other conviction, social background, or other personal characteristics not related to their merit or inherent requirements of the job.


We are committed to conducting our business with honesty, integrity, accountability, and transparency.

All staff is expected to maintain high ethical standards and comply with our policies, procedures, and values. Anyone in Kiona has a right to report censurable conditions at the workplace and is encouraged to voice their concerns when discovering information that may imply serious malpractice or other censurable conditions in our organization.

A whistleblowing policy and a channel for employees to voice concerns have been implemented.

Adverse impacts and significant risks

Adverse impacts and significant risks of adverse impacts identified through our human rights due diligence

Kiona is adopting a risk-based approach to preventing human rights violations and corruption in our business and value chain. In doing so, we have considered the following external factors:

  • The jurisdictions in which we operate;
  • The jurisdictions in which our clients operate;
  • The industries in which we operate and/or with which we have links;
  • The types of transactions we deal in;
  • The nature of any business partnerships, joint ventures, and other business relationships;
  • The nature of any projects in which we are involved

Any additional risks which we identify as possibly arising in the course of our usual business. The risk assessment is reviewed continuously in light of any changes to our business. Based on an initial evaluation, Kiona believes there is a low probability of adverse impacts.

Moving on, Kiona will implement a detailed risk assessment and will focus on the following areas;

  • Business and value chain due diligence

See the Annual Report for the group for an overview of the gender equality status of 31 December 2022 and how we have been working on gender equality and non-discrimination.

Work environment

Our team is the heart of Kiona.

We are committed to making our company an excellent workplace for all our employees, and we strive to foster an attractive and fulfilling environment offering exciting opportunities and varied careers. We treat our employees respectfully and bring our mission to life through a diverse and inclusive workforce.

A yearly survey is conducted to measure team member satisfaction which forms a part of our risk assessments relating to our business operations. Our Whistleblower Channel is available to all employees globally for reporting non-compliance concerns.

In 2022 we identified no adverse impacts or significant risks related to our work environment.

Use of independent contractors abroad

From time to time, Kiona buys services from independent contractors based in other countries. During 2022, Kiona reviewed the contractor group and found it to be a low-risk group.

If anything changes to the group, we are committed to auditing independent contractor salaries and working conditions, including a salary benchmark. All independent contractors have flexible agreements when performing services for Kiona.

Privacy and security

As a SaaS company, we are exposed to risks relating to GDPR and privacy issues. Kiona remains committed to complying with relevant privacy laws, including but not limited to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In 2022, we continued to strengthen our privacy and security standards through additional hires and improved software upgrades.

We are working on implementing several security controls throughout the development process, including secure development with automated and manual code testing, penetration testing, and testing the security of the code when it is live. These measures will enable us to identify and address potential security issues at various stages of development, resulting in better error detection and enhanced security for our company and our users. 

We will further enhance our engineers' training and development in the security field by providing specific security training based on findings on our platform. By proactively addressing potential issues, we can significantly increase our product security.

In the future

Kiona will:

  • Further embed human rights and decent working conditions considerations in our assessment, decision-making processes, and policies.
  • Continue focusing on partnerships and content which drives awareness of human rights and decent working conditions.
  • Continued focus across the group on human rights and decent working conditions related to procuring, e.g., hardware, electronics, etc.
  • Continue to educate employees in our Code of Conduct and encourage employees to promote our company values in every aspect of their function.

Kiona will follow up on the status of the actions above in the next reporting period.