Global shortage of hardware components

All over the world, there is a major shortage of components. Our industry is also affected by this, with long delivery times and the need for better project management. Are you planning a new project with us? Let us know as soon as you can.

  • Trond-Øystein Bjørnnes

    CEO, Kiona



Many industries are affected by the component situation, but particularly, car manufacturers, technology companies, and the industrial sector need to monitor the lack of hardware in the supply chain. And plan further ahead. 

Global shortage of hardware components
Photo: Anton Mislawsky/ Getty Images

Our industry is strongly affected by this, with long delivery times and higher prices. Basic components are usually off-the-shelf items and are harder to get.  

We are happy to say that we have worked proactively to avoid uncertainty and deliver on our orders. We appreciate every project we are a part of and would be grateful if you, who plan the infrastructure of these projects, would let us know as soon as possible what you expect from us. This way, we can schedule delivery and avoid an excessively long waiting time for the components. 

For now, the situation seems to persist. The energy crisis, in combination with the important sustainability goals, means there is a high demand for our solutions. The best we can do is plan far ahead with all our partners.

Questions about your projects and hardware components?

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