Kiona - We are hiring - Product Manager: 
Retail and refrigeration

Product Manager: Retail and refrigeration

Do you love the feeling of having your knowledge transferred into a product feature that truly makes a difference?
Kiona - We are hiring - Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialist

Want to work with solutions that enable buildings to be part of the solution to climate change? Do you have a talent for marketing? We're seeking a colleague to join our team and help us bring our products to market.

This February, all roads lead to Düsseldorf – EuroShop 2023

Come find us at EuroShop! With a deep knowledge of cooling and follow-up of energy, we have representatives from all our markets ready to help you get started and familiar with your energy flow.
Ömangruppen cuts customers costs using Energinet and Web Port

The right tools for the job – Ömangruppen cuts customers' operating costs

Ömangruppen, a certified partner, uses Web Port and Energinet to analyze and map their customers' energy use. This is how they turn analysis into action.
Global shortage of hardware components

Global shortage of hardware components

Are you planning a new project with us? Let us know as soon as you can.
New beginnings - Support save the children

New beginnings – 2023

As 2022 ends, we turn our gaze to a new year. And while one may take safety and security for granted – that's not the case for everyone. Here is one of the most important contributions you can make this year.
Internet of things illustration

Smart buildings and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is forever changing how we think and react. How does it work, and what benefits can it bring? This is how the physical world meets the digital – and collaborates to create smart buildings.
Money talks – the business benefits of energy management

Money talks – the business benefits of energy management

The new generation of tenants and building managers expect digital ways of working – and to give them that is by no means out of reach. See how data-driven decisions save cash and calculate the potential benefits cellular IoT can add to your business.
Environmental management

Environmental management is here to stay

Energy consumption and costs are and always will be important. But what about the other parameters that you can use to measure a building?
IWMAC Alarm App

IWMAC alarm app – for you on the go

Our new alarm app for IWMAC places what you need on the go, straight in your pocket.
How to ensure a perfect indoor climate

How to ensure a perfect indoor climate

Good air quality is essential if people are to feel happy in a building. But what exactly is "bad air," and how do you avoid it?
Increased property value and reduced environmental impact at Victoriahem.


Successfully reduced emissions by 820 tonnes of CO2, year after year.

Edge: Riots Integration

Integrate temperature and humidity data from Riots to Edge
Energy efficiency of buildings - the pressure is on

The energy efficiency of buildings – the pressure is on!

CO2 emissions, old buildings, and rising energy prices. The call to action couldn't be clearer, but capital, time, and resources are limited. So, where do you invest?
IWMAC: Updated design of the list view

IWMAC: Updated design of the list view

Get updated with a glance – tag favorites, sort alarms, and see whether you have connective issues in the simplified status.
4 common energy thieves

4 common energy thieves – and how to deal with them

Both commercial buildings and grocery stores consume lots of energy. But how much of this is pure waste, and how easy is it to achieve significant savings? Here are some of the worst energy thieves and how you can eliminate them.
Efficient energy use in pilot project

Efficient energy use in Västerås – the smart city

Together with our partner Mälarenergi AB and the municipal housing company Bostads AB Mimer, we started a collaborative project a year ago on the smart city and efficient energy use in Västerås City. Now, the results are in.
Edge + X2 Wireless

Edge: X2 Wireless integration

Integrate temperature data from X2 Wireless fire alarms to Edge.
NEW: Spot Price Data

We take responsibility in the energy crisis – offering spot prices to all subscribing customers

Starting today, you get free access to spot prices with your Kiona solution to optimize buildings and supermarkets – and tackle the massive energy costs.
IWMAC: Alarm Monitoring incident report

IWMAC: Alarm Monitoring incident report

Get an overview of incidents, the date of occurrence, and the measures our alarm operators took.
Overcome skyrocketing energy prices

How can we overcome skyrocketing energy prices?

With the green shift wanting us all to drive eco-friendly cars and make our buildings smart, energy is essential.
Tårnby Municipality

Tårnby Municipality

To create the greenest municipality, Tårnby invested to reach their energy savings targets, identify poor performance and tackle energy waste.
How to store food – and save energy

How to store food - and save energy

Here are the rules you need to know – and some valuable tips for better temperature control.
IWMAC: Outlook integration

IWMAC: Outlook integration

Connect to IWMAC through your Microsoft Outlook calendar.
Future proof integrations

Future-proof integrations – and how you get there 

The benefits of smart buildings are many – as long as you choose the right tech.
StudierendenWERK BERLIN

StudierendenWERK BERLIN

Transparent heating and affordable housing.
Hybrid work

The future of hybrid work

Not everything can be controlled from your home office, but a lot can.