Simplify you business with Web Port Cloud

By using our Web Port Cloud, you have access to all buildings/systems in one platform.

  • Sara Hampf

    Product Marketing



Our independent building integration system, Web Port, combines all data, technical equipment, and techniques from connected properties with data from third-party applications and other parts of an organization.

Web Port allows you to connect, visualize, monitor, and create intelligent, customized solutions for almost any automation, energy efficiency, and reporting challenges.

We offer a cloud service to make your job easier

Our Web Port Cloud gives you access to all buildings/systems in one platform, hosted on our secure server, including automatic updates to the latest program versions, security updates, and bug fixes. Daily, weekly, and monthly backups run in the background, and we will store the data for up to 3 years.

There will be no need for fixed public IP addresses on the property, and you can give contractors access for remote assistance.

Web Port Cloud simplifies the work by providing clear and predictable costs. Of course, everything is cyber-secured.

At Kiona, safety is a priority. With more than 55,000 connected buildings, the importance of our platforms performing safe work is high. We always strive to find secure solutions that help our partners, customers, and ourselves.

Why Web Port

  • Use the same system for small and large projects, locally in the building and in the cloud.
  • Save time during integration, installation, and operation with the platform's architecture, openness, and time-saving features.
  • Have complete control over the solution you create. You decide what hardware to use, who you work with, what functionality is needed, how to deploy, and the look of the final solution.

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