The energy system of the future: webinar together with Chalmers

Join us for a webinar on the next generation of energy systems, designed to be smarter and more flexible than current models. Hear firsthand from the experts at Mistra Electrification, Chalmers and Göteborg Energi – and learn how our software can breathe new life into older buildings.

  • Joakim Nilén

    Product Manager



Join the webinar "Smart control of heat pumps in future district heating systems."

Photo by lovelyday12 / Adobe Stock

Grab your spot! In this webinar, we'll discuss smart control of heat pumps in the district heating system and how our buildings can be made smarter.

The session begins with expert insights from Mistra Electrification, followed by a look into how Göteborg Energi works with intelligent district heating systems. Wrapping up, we at Kiona will spotlight how software can breathe new life into older buildings, equipping them with better energy management- and -control capabilities.


  • Filip Johnsson, Chalmers University of Technology.
  • Ulf Björklund, Göteborg Energi.
  • Joakim Nilén, Kiona.

Webinar: Smart control of heat pumps in future district heating systems and energy use in buildings

  • Date and time: 30.May, 09.00–10.30 AM. 
  • Location: Teams webinar. 
  • Registration: To attend, please register here ( 

Energy system topics we'll cover

Tomorrow's energy system is anticipated to be more adaptable and intelligent than today's. What does that look like? That's one of the things we'll try to answer. Other than that, we'll be covering questions like;

  • What will the potential role of heat pumps be in energy transformation?
  • How much flexibility will heat pumps offer?
  • Under what conditions will heat pumps be competitive?
  • What is the potential to reduce energy use from residential and commercial buildings using smart control?
  • What type of documentation, monitoring, and reporting on electricity and heat is required to take control of and reduce energy use?
  • What is required to get access and control over the technical installations to monitor and control energy use?

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