Alarm Monitoring 24/7

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Alarm Monitoring 24/7

Want to try Alarm Monitoring 24/7 for your cooling systems?

Alarm Monitoring 24/7

Does it feel like you're receiving too many alarms about non-conformances? With Alarm Monitoring 24/7, we take on the task of assessing what's important and filtering out the "noise." This means you will have 90 percent fewer alarms to deal with on average. But if a critical alarm is triggered, we will call you and keep on calling until we make contact.

Nobody likes to be woken up at night or disturbed during Sunday dinner – or repeatedly during the working day, for that matter. Moreover, if the interruptions are unimportant, they sap the energy and concentration you could have been applying to other things.

The notification steps of Kiona's Alarm Monitoring 24/7
Illustration: The notification steps of Kiona's AlarmMonitoring 24/7

Add-on features

Kiona guarantees

This affordable service provides active monitoring 24/7/365. We guarantee fewer alarm disruptions and a better night's sleep – while ensuring that no critical alarms get lost in the flood. And that's not all: if we misjudge the situation, we will cover the cost of any lost inventory, up to EUR 1 million.

Notification of important matters

If something is important, we will call you. You decide who we should call first and last. In any case, you can rest assured that important messages will always make it through.

Fewer alarms, better help

Our alarm centre is staffed by skilled and experienced people. They take care of manually assessing and filtering the alarms, so you have far fewer incidents to deal with. On average, you won't have to worry about 90 percent of alarms. 

In addition, you can be sure of receiving even better assistance if a critical alarm should be triggered: our staff is on the line, ready to provide helpful advice in an urgent situation.

Alarm Monitoring 24/7 is a natural add-on to our IWMAC system