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Check Point

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Check Point

Check Point is an intuitive digital tool that makes it easier to log and track temperatures, procedures, non-conformances, and measures. The age of pen and paper is passed. Digital logging provides a far more effective tool for measuring temperature and monitoring all kinds of regular procedures.

Temperature logging
Non-conformance records

Add-on features

Makes it easier to record measurements

Check Point provides an overview of temperature control tasks and other regular procedures. It sends reminders to take additional measurements if needed or if tasks have not been completed, along with recommended actions to deal with any issues. This makes it easier for the person taking the measurements to remember their tasks and perform their job correctly every time.

Reduces non-conformances and lost inventory

Staff with access to the web solution can view the full history and the complete incident log. Reports, statistics, and non-conformance records make it possible to find patterns in the discrepancies, in either individual shops or across several locations. As such, Check Point becomes a tool for improving procedures, reducing non-conformances, and cutting inventory losses.

Provides thorough documentation

Check Point meets the requirements of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet, which maintains one of the highest standards worldwide) for procedures and documentation. It ensures that all incidents are recorded and stored. In addition, because all non-conformances can be stored with photographic evidence, the solution provides a reliable basis for any complaints to suppliers or transport companies.


The solution is role-based and available in three versions

Check Point Probe

This is the version that staff use to register temperature measurements and record the completion of routine tasks. It lists all the tasks to be carried out, along with reminders designed to ensure that nothing is forgotten. In the event of non-conformances, users can consult guidelines to determine what action to take.

Check Point Manager

As the name suggests, this app is for managers. Everything that happens in Check Point Probe is replicated here. Non-conformances dealt with in Probe appear on the task list in Manager. Manual temperature measurements are not recorded in Probe trigger notification and an alarm. They must then be dealt with by the manager as a corrective measure. Corrective measures can be taken either from the manager's smartphone or via Dashboard. This makes it easy to maintain an overview of the actions to be taken or that have already been completed.

Check Point Dashboard

The Dashboard version is an online solution that provides managers with complete control and an overview of their shops. It stores the necessary information for documentation for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and other parties. Staff with other administrative roles can also use this solution and access an overview of all shops. In addition, they can use it to view reports and statistics. For example, they can see which suppliers have the most non-conformances on their deliveries, for an individual unit, within a set region, or for the entire country.