Smart Functions

The caretaker who never sleeps

Bright blue skies

Smart Functions

Take control of your technical systems with our SCADA solutions

Smart Functions

What if you had a lookout guard who was always on duty? Our Smart functions let you benefit from our years of experience monitoring technical buildings. Receive notification of any non-conformance – the Smart functions never miss a thing.


Security 24/7

Things tend to go wrong when no one is looking. Smart functions are like a lookout guard who never sleeps or looks away. So if anything unusual should happen, we'll let you know.

Speak multiple languages

It makes no difference if you have a heat pump from one supplier and a central heating system from another. The Smart functions act as an interpreter between different systems, observing the relationship between them.

Set of rules based on experience

Smart functions help compensate for some of the shortcomings of today's technical components. The values are based on our accumulated experience and data from hundreds of buildings and are finely tuned to any hidden power drains. Because we know where things often go wrong, we can make sure it doesn't happen to you.

Add-on features

Smart guard

Don't use more energy than necessary – don't pay more than you have to. Our load control is smarter than most: it monitors your consumption minute by minute and makes sure you don't exceed your limits. Never get hit by an unexpectedly large electricity bill again, and protect the environment from emissions.

Smart Guard

Forecast-based control

On the whole, statistics are much better than guesswork. With forecast-based control, your system is always one step ahead, making your snow melting systems and your ventilation systems more accurate. You can achieve greater energy efficiency – and avoid worries.

Forecast-based control