Smart guard

Our peak load guard is smarter than ever

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Smart guard

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Smart guard

If you have a system that doesn't include some form of load control, you're probably using more energy than necessary. With Smart guard, you can ensure that your consumption is below specific thresholds. That could save you huge sums.

The traditional peak load guard has become smarter. Much smarter. Select the components you want to control – and let our smart guard take care of the rest. Avoiding energy waste is as easy as that.  

Smart Guard
Illustration: Smart Guard makes sure you stay within your thresholds.

Feature details

Smart, flexible thresholds

For the system to know where it is most needed, we set the thresholds following thorough analyses based on your consumption in previous years. However, you can choose how high an hourly consumption to allow on a month-by-month basis. You can also adjust how quickly you want your smart guard to regulate energy use over the hour. 

Use it for “everything” 

The Smart guard can interpret a wide range of operating information from, for example, ventilation or heating systems. You can specify criteria such as times, periods, or temperatures. Through logic, the smart guard can change temperatures, start and stop equipment – or gradually flatten out power curves. 

Avoid costly tariffs

If your energy consumption suddenly increases, even if only for a short period, your energy costs can mount up and become incredibly expensive at the end of the month. Our smart guard notices if something shoots up and immediately starts to reduce consumption. It always knows how much it has "to go on" and makes sure that one lousy hour never spoils a good month.