Portal module

Connect local HMI to our cloud

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Portal module

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Portal module

Efficiently control and monitor all your systems from our cloud. Collect system images, alarms, and calendars in one place — and show the whole of the work you do.

Utilize our central web portal operating in the cloud, where control systems and other technical equipment are integrated, to effectively see the entirety of your business.  

The solution enables central operation, monitoring, and data storage for all connected properties and is built to gradually expand capacity as needed. 


Benefitting both partners and their customers

The system is fully configured via the web interface, making it easy to have multiple vendors working in the system simultaneously.

Our partners can offer an open service without dealing with server operations and updates. In turn, building owners can use a secure service with low lock-in effects, where they can invite multiple contractors to work. 


The Portal module includes 

  • Server capacity 10-1000 operational images/pages depending on the level chosen by the customer
  • Application monitoring
  • SSL Certificate / HTTPS
  • Backup (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Domain optional.webport.se
  • Central alarm management with e-mail alerting
  • Central data storage for up to 3 years
  • Local user accounts
  • Always the latest version of Web Port
  • Operation and monitoring of servers
  • Unlimited number of nodes (the number of pages connected affects the level of subscription required)

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