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Web Port

What makes Web Port special is its independence, scalability, and flexibility. Evolving over the past decade through close collaboration with integration partners and the diverse requirements of building owners, tenants, and policymakers, giving you more than the traditional HMI, BMS, or SCADA system. 

Simplify your business

Our independent building integration system, Web Port, combine all data, technical equipment, and systems from all properties with data from third-party applications and other parts of an organization.

Web Port
Image: Web Port, Kiona's Building Integration System across devices

Web Port allows you to connect, visualize, monitor, and create smart, customized solutions for almost any automation, energy efficiency, and reporting challenges.

  • Use the same system for small and large projects, locally in the building and in the cloud. 
  • Save time during integration, installation, and operation with the platform's architecture, openness, and time-saving features.
  • Have complete control over the solution you create. You decide what hardware to use, who you work with, what functionality is needed, how to deploy, and the look of the final solution.

For us, Web Port solves the challenges we used separate traditional HMI, BMS, and SCADA systems to tackle. Because of its flexibility and openness, we can use the same system for many of our projects, which has simplified our operations.

Johan GeiborgProject manager at SÖE Konsult AB


Superior flexibility and a fast learning curve

We strive to offer you a building integration system with a fast learning curve that dramatically reduces the time spent on installation, operation, security, updates, and support.

Time-saving integration features

Smart features that reduce integration and installation time for building integrators and automation experts.

Find out what makes it the most flexible and time-saving building integration software available.


We've got you covered with support for a wide range of technical devices and external systems with our drivers and open APIs. For example, connect to Edge AI or other third-party solutions.

HMI online editor

Customize your Web Port directly in the web interface with drag and drop, javascript, HTML, CSS, and SVG, and use our open API to integrate with external systems. Create toolbars, popups, text, graphics, and image buttons, and fill your or your customer's wishes for appearance and function.

Monitoring and control

Visualize your properties on a map and see linked information updated in real-time. Monitor, control, and edit  effortlessly. Track system status or create and edit dynamic flow images straight in the browser. You can also maneuver pumps and valves directly. 


Build your reports directly in the web interface, or use our standardized reports on energy, water, cooling, and heating. You can publish your reports as PDF, interactive pages, or CSV and do timely exports to a disk file, e-mail, or external FTP server.

Security and rights management

Adjust users and user groups and provide different access levels based on the directory, page, object tag, or function. Control rights at both user and group levels. We keep your systems updated with the latest software, your solution is cyber-secured, and we save a backup of your data.

Alarm handling

Get started on alarm handling and be alerted of important events. With Web Port, you get a complete alarm list with history, comments, and the ability to block alarms  should you need to. Stay updated through e-mail and SMS alerts. 

Remote control

Gain access to the building both locally and remotely and enjoy having control of the facility. Of course, modern web technology provides the same efficient interface on both computers and mobile – made for you who are on the go.

Works on all devices

Web Port works in all browsers across devices. Get auto-scaled and zoomable vector-based process pictures and enjoy a responsive web interface based on HTML5 without plugins.


Flexible system architecture

You can set Web Port up in many different ways to meet the high requirements of today's property owners. 

Our Building Integration Platform - Web Port
  • Place everything in our cloud and avoid the responsibility of hardware, cyber security, and updates. 
  • Create an additional layer of security with a hybrid solution where you get both cloud and local installations with offline redundancy. 

As a Kiona Partner, you can build, adapt and manage all your customers' buildings in one multi-customer platform or, if you want, as dedicated installations.


Ready to connect

Increase the value of your chosen solution by expanding Web Port with our add-ons. Share data between buildings, suppliers, or other systems, or visualize common KPIs and reports of your operation. 

Choose the path that suits you best

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to evaluate Web Port before you make a decision. Check out the demo and test options!

We had been looking at ways to add some form of smart energy management to our portfolio. When Kiona presented such a solution, made possible through integration to Web Port and our other technical systems, we found it interesting to investigate. And then it happened quickly, to already be up and running feels really positive.

Jens RingöHead of Property, Rosengård Fastighets AB