Edge AI

Self-learning energy optimization through API

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Edge AI

Each project has different needs and goals. Choose a plan that is right for your business.

Edge AI

Edge AI is our software service (SaaS) that connects to your existing building systems through API integration.

  • Reach your energy goals with AI steering of buildings
  • Connect to your existing SCADA solution – no additional hardware is needed

The seamless integration between Web Port and Edge AI can connect your various systems. Allowing you to create a heating monitoring, analysis, and optimization platform specific to your needs.

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Included in Edge AI

API access to Edge AI

Connect our powerful machine learning algorithm to your existing building management systems and IoT solutions and experience a new level of energy optimization.

With Edge AI:

  • Software-based cloud service
  • Easy to deploy via standardized API
  • Make the most out of existing installations - the AI engine gets more out of your already-made investments
  • Improve your efficiency by sharing data and interacting with other suppliers
  • Proactively manage and optimize the energy use in your property, based on over 20 million data points every day

AI steering of buildings

Edge will deliver an optimal and proactive steering strategy for each unique building. Implement energy-saving measures and reduce COemissions – improving property valuation, tenant satisfaction, and climate contribution.

Proactive steering strategies

With Edge AI, you can use proactive steering strategies for heat distribution in your building. The AI steering function contains a mix of data and smart algorithms, including;

  • weather data,
  • unique buildings' characteristics,
  • the indoor climate over time.

Access to the knowledge of how thousands of buildings behave under different circumstances informs the algorithm. And by constantly adding collected data from your building back into it, the AI is self-learning. We are continually improving and fine-tuning its optimization.

Indoor climate optimization

Edge AI ensures a comfortable and stable indoor climate with low-temperature variations, no matter the external conditions of your building. And any peaks and lows that usually occur in your indoor environment under sudden changes in outside temperature will be anticipated.

You decide what indoor temperature you want Edge to maintain in your building. The steering algorithm will continuously apply just the right amount of heat. Providing your set indoor comfort with the least energy required. The temperature set is individual and adaptable, allowing you to set different target temperatures for different buildings depending on their requirements.

Temperature regulation

For example, the steering algorithm will provide more heat before a sudden drop in outdoor temperature to ensure indoor comfort for your tenants. Or, during a sunny day, it will take into account the free energy from the sun to provide heat for your building.

We were looking to add some form of smart energy management to our portfolio as an essential part of our strategy in the future. We also think it's very timely to have flexible and open systems that allow a service to be customized around the customer and with AI driving energy use. When Kiona presented such a solution, made possible through integration to Web Port and integrations to our other technical systems, which will also be both smart and cost-effective, we found it interesting to investigate. And then it happened quickly. From an initial meeting, reference visits, and technical discussions, already being up and running feels positive.

Jens RingöHead of Property, Rosengård Fastighets AB

See for yourself what Edge AI can do. Book a demo today.