Edge for Partners

Optimize client's buildings from day one

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Edge for Partners

Get the software, expert support, and resources you'll need to excel.

Edge for Partners

Help your clients to improve their indoor climate and optimize energy use. Get integrated building monitoring, analysis, and follow-up with Edge in your toolkit.

What do you get as a Kiona Partner?

  • Training in your choice of Kiona products
  • Advice and support from our product and energy experts
  • A complete overview of your client properties/ buildings
  • Tools for the fast roll-out of Edge
  • Use our pre-defined Edge plans that cover our most common use cases as part of your offering
  • Create complete solutions for your clients using Edge with Web Port and Energinet
Edge, from Kiona's Building Integration Platform

Is Edge the right tool for you?

Our partnership program is built to deliver increased value to service providers of all sizes. We offer flexible solutions and add-ons to meet your customer's needs. We specifically recommend our Edge product solutions to businesses that:

  • Provides consulting on energy management. 
  • Provides integration of technical building systems and SCADA solutions. 
  • Provides services for technical building management. 

Interested in finding out more about our partnership program?

Partner benefits

Complete overview of your client's property portfolio

Rapid setup with deployment tools

Edge comes with useful tools to execute the installation of hardware in the building. Use the mobile interface's step-by-step guide for swift installation and hardware registration. Enabling instant visualization in Edge.

Fast roll-out

Get your project up and running in four weeks – from order to operational system.

Wireless infrastructure

Wireless infrastructure for indoor measurement saves time and money when installed in existing buildings. Use 3rd party hardware and your existing IoT solutions with our growing list of Edge integrations.

Optimize from day one

Edge starts optimizing your building from day one; the algorithm uses key learnings from thousands of buildings to inform automated optimization.

Get efficient rollout, reduced costs, overview and control with Edge

Limited amount of hardware needed

Edge can run completely without hardware if the building has been connected to a supported control system (for example, Web Port).

Mobile app

Use the Edge app to maintain control while on the go.

Rapid measures

With connected buildings and apartments, deviations can be spotted quickly. Potential problems and unnecessary house visits are avoided, and tenant support can be improved with quicker feedback on indoor climate issues.

Focus on what's important

Let the system optimize the buildings automatically while you focus on what's important. Efficient surveillance focusing on your client's property portfolio with a complete overview. This helps you prioritize right and enables you to work more proactively.

Combine data

Combine building data from both systems for a cost-efficient total solution of wireless sensors and a traditional control system.


Get support in the solutions from product and energy experts at Kiona.

Offer complete solutions

Integrated portfolio follow-up, monitoring, and analysis

Create complete and customized solutions for your clients by combining Edge with Web Port and Energinet. The seamless integration between our products allows you to create powerful building management solutions. Combining self-learning AI, fully-fledged SCADA, and comprehensive analytics, you can achieve unprecedented levels of energy savings.

Connecting to Web Port and Energinet gives you:

  • Control the heat station and automatically update the heating curve
  • Easy navigation from the overview to measure/action
  • Additional tools for taking a tremendous amount of data from third-party systems on board
  • A higher resolution of data
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Access to the Web Port Partner Store
  • An independent software solution without the need for additional hardware in the building

Get the software, expert support, and resources you'll need to excel.