Edge Gold

Improved energy efficiency and advanced analytics

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Edge Gold

Edge Gold is the plan for property owners who want not only to optimize energy use. But also to make data-driven decisions, become a more efficient organization, and be a part of the solution toward fighting climate change.

  • Reduce energy use and CO2 emissions from your buildings 
  • Streamline your organization and use your time where it's needed 
  • Get in control of your portfolio performance with intelligent IoT technology
  • Digitalize your building portfolio and increase sustainability and property value

With Gold, you get all the benefits of our Bronze and Silver plans, plus additional notable features.

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Included in Gold

Plan for the future and get started with self-learning optimization

Use Edge to monitor, control, and optimize your buildings. Reduce energy use and CO2 emissions, and gain valuable insights to inform future maintenance and optimization. Kiona's building integration systems enable data-driven decisions regarding your buildings that can significantly increase property portfolio value.

With Edge Gold:

  • Digital control of your buildings.
  • Self-learning optimization of energy usage with automatic visualization.
  • A powerful AI engine that uses big data and applies it to your building management.
  • A highly secure cloud solution supported by a team of developers
  • Always up to date with the latest version with access to features and improvements.
  • A solution fully compliant with applicable EU regulations on privacy and data protection laws – Edge runs on carbon-neutral Google Cloud.
Edge Gold

Energy optimization

Reach your energy goals with AI steering of buildings

Edge will deliver an optimal and proactive steering strategy for each unique facility. Implement energy-saving measures and reduce CO2 emissions – improving property valuation, tenant satisfaction, and climate contribution.

Proactive steering strategies

With Edge Gold, you can use proactive steering strategies for heat distribution in your building. The AI steering function contains a mix of data and smart algorithms, including;

  • weather data,
  • unique buildings' characteristics,
  • the indoor climate over time.

Access to the knowledge of how thousands of buildings behave under different circumstances informs the algorithm. And by constantly adding collected data from your building back into it, the AI is self-learning. We are continually improving and fine-tuning its optimization.

Indoor climate optimization

Edge AI ensures a comfortable and stable indoor climate with low-temperature variations, no matter the external conditions of your building. And any peaks and lows that usually occur in your indoor environment under sudden changes in outside temperature will be anticipated.

You decide what indoor temperature you want Edge to maintain in your building. The steering algorithm will continuously apply just the right amount of heat. Providing your set indoor comfort with the least energy required. The temperature set is individual and adaptable, allowing you to set different target temperatures for different buildings depending on their requirements.

Temperature regulation

For example, the steering algorithm will provide more heat before a sudden drop in outdoor temperature to ensure indoor comfort for your tenants. Or, during a sunny day, it will take into account the free energy from the sun to provide heat for your building.

Remote heating control

With Edge, you have a digital twin of the building constantly connected to the cloud. Giving you the possibility to access and control your building anytime. For example, you can monitor the indoor climate and remotely control and adjust the heating to your building from Edge.

In real-time, changes are made directly from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. You are saving time and money due to fewer call-outs to buildings for your personnel or third-party technicians.

Need to make a temporary change to your settings? Temporarily adjust the heat inside a building with the "Adjust heat" function. It automatically phases out over five days to ensure no wasted energy.

Mobile App

Empower your employees with smart mobility. The Edge mobile app streamlines the work for technicians and other service personnel. Often with packed schedules or a long distance to the buildings they manage and monitor. Simply put an invaluable tool for those on the move.

Edge mobile app
Keep Edge always in your pocket with the mobile app.
  • Enables a technician or a customer service function to access building data from their phone.
  • Stay updated and in control no matter the time and place.
  • Get visualization of indoor temperature data and the ability to control and adjust heat distribution on the go.

Find the Edge mobile app on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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Measure and analyze

Utility data

Save time with energy and water utility data measuring. Activate Utility Data in the cloud and enable the automatic feature that collects and presents your building consumption data inside Edge. Digitalizing your workflow and ensuring your data is verified, correct, and always in place when needed.

Deviation monitoring

Enable deviation monitoring, and Edge will continuously analyze millions of data points of building performance. With one mission: to find anomalies in your facilities.

For example, a sudden drop or rise in indoor temperature or if the return temperature to your heating station suddenly drops.​

Utility data in Edge
Image: Monitor all consumption data for a specific building or property portfolio.

Reports and insights

Edge Insights helps compare, analyze, and understand your buildings. You are also making it easy to share insights and information with your colleagues and the rest of your organization.

Edge Insights allows you to create reports that will provide users with relevant data. Data enables you to improve the energy performance of your buildings and offers valuable insights. Helping you make well-founded and timely decisions.

Detail of Edge Insights
Image: Create reports in Edge Insights for individual or group levels.

Creating detailed follow-up reports summarizing all buildings connected to the system is easy. The reports can compile energy, indoor climate, economy, and CO2 savings on an individual building basis or group level.

IoT solutions

Get real-time measurements from IoT sensors

IoT hardware and measurement

With IoT hardware and measurement, you open up the possibility of digitalizing heating stations and apartments. Make sure you are constantly updated and in control of your building's performance using innovative and cost-effective IoT technology.

Wireless sensors can be installed in various areas inside your building. For example, apartment temperature and humidity sensors allow you to analyze the indoor climate.

Indoor climate visualization

By connecting your buildings Edge, you will gain control of your buildings' indoor climate with real-time measurement from IoT sensors. Feedback and visualization of data from the sensors in 3D allow you to detect and correct errors inside a building proactively. Often before tenant complaints come.

  • Identify risk areas or errors in your buildings and minimize unnecessary on-site visits.
  • Analyze the indoor climate with other data types.

    For example, how the indoor environment is affected by external factors such as different types of weather. Understanding these factors is crucial for you to understand each building's characteristics.
3D visualization in Edge
3D visualization in Edge

3rd party IoT integrations

With 3rd party IoT integrations, you can import your existing data into Edge. Did you already invest in IoT products? You can connect and import existing measurements to Edge and gain more value from your investment.

  • Integrate and collect data from 3rd party systems
  • Connect your 3rd party sensors to Edge optimization algorithms
  • Compatible with most of the IoT products on the market that provides open APIs

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Professional services

Use our professional services from the energy experts, IT, and software developers connected to Kiona.

Perhaps you have specific requirements for how Edge is adapted for your business? Or want to use our energy experts in projects outside the standard service agreement? You can buy additional services from us if you wish for particular software adaptations or developments.

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