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    Product training and certifications

    Take advantage of our range of solutions, and get valuable product knowledge to tailor offers to your customers. Choose to be certified in one or across several systems.

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    Showcase your expertise

    Be discovered by new clients searching for your services by having your business fronted on our pages. Use the Kiona Partner brand in return, to show off your expertise.

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Become a Partner

Ready to boost your product offering and accelerate growth for your business and customers? So are we. We can't wait to partner with you.

As a Kiona Partner, you will be certified in the setup and integration of our products. With proven and expanded knowledge of our systems – you'll provide faster deliveries, reducing the risk for you and your customer. We call it a win-win.

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Want to grow your business with us and make an impact on a greener world? Fill in the form, and our partnership team will contact you to book your course. 


Opening new doors of opportunities

Whether your expertise is in energy consulting, integration, building or refrigeration management, or IT services, we're here to help you build valuable know-how, develop your product offering and give you the tools needed to turn offers into customers.

Real results

Made with real results in mind

When someone contacts us to have a technical system installed, we always recommend that they use one of our certified partners in their area - they are simply the best at it. Other than the benefit of having experts on their site, our partners; 

  • challenges and improves industry standards with open, documented, and ready-to-connect technology. 
  • Builds valuable business between companies by combining different vendors and suppliers. 
  • Contribute to reduced energy use and CO2 emissions.
  • Deliver increased value through the lifetime of buildings and technical systems. 
  • Ensures food safety and avoids unnecessary waste in several parts of the chain.
  • Contributes to us also becoming a better version of ourselves by setting requirements and commitments to our platform for further development


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