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Energinet is our market-leading energy management software (EMS) for energy, waste, and environmental reporting. We designed Energinet to provide effortless setup and user-friendly reports and dashboards to reduce the need for assistance from us.

An EMS is valuable for reducing costs, lowering environmental impacts, ensuring compliance, and improving overall operational efficiency.

Energinet dashboards and reports
Image: See the most important data on your Energinet dashboard.

Use all your data sources to optimize your sustainability

Use Energinet for standard energy consumption, forecasting, and waste management analysis methods. Collecting relevant building data lets you see when your power peaks occur so you can reduce them by optimizing energy use.

  • Create specific energy targets for your meters or buildings and receive alarms on deviations.
  • Track trends, set performance benchmarks, and adjust energy strategies accordingly. Energinet enables you to visualize and analyze everything that you can measure.
  • Easy data import of measurement values from all systems supporting open data transfer allows you to spend time on analysis and optimization.
  • The flexible setups make it possible to handle various building scenarios.
  • Get fast rollout and easy onboarding of more buildings and meters.

We were initially looking for any software, but when Web Port and Energinet (EMS system), which we also started looking into, joined forces to form Kiona, it became clear that this was the best solution for us.

Richard HållbusEnergy surveyor and energy expert


Unlock insights through powerful visualization

Energinet covers the whole chain from metering to reporting. Investing in an EMS will pay off both financially and environmentally by optimizing energy usage and identifying areas of inefficiency.


Dashboards and reporting

Build your reports or utilize ready-made standard reports. Get info on all kinds of consumption data and costs, spectral analyses, or compare reports at an overall level, the entire portfolio, one building, or parts of a building.

data import

Easy data import

Data is imported into Energinet via SFTP, E-mail, industry protocols (i.e., OBIX), third-party APIs, and directly through our API solutions. All systems that support data transfer on one or more of these interfaces can send data to Energinet.


Custom setup

Choose to use a standard configuration or customize the platform around your specific needs to support your business. Easily onboard new buildings and meters as you go and build custom reporting and KPIs on any type of data.

export freely

Export freely

In addition to collecting large quantities of data from various systems, we send your data back if you wish. Set up automatic exports to third-party systems or use our secure API services to export data such as raw data series or ready-made reports. All reports can also easily be exported to Excel or CSV format from the web interface.


Alarm handling

Get easy alarm configuration for all meters with configurable alarm rulesets. Formulate specific energy targets, and alarms will notify the energy manager of deviations from set targets so that measures can be implemented quickly.

ISO compliant

ISO compliant

Energinet is in compliance with ISO50001 and supports ISO14001 templates, workflow, and procedures that satisfy audit requirements. This is also in compliance with the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) UK legislation.

How does it work?

Designed for buildings and industry

Our EMS is an intuitive system designed for buildings and industry. A user-friendly, adaptable, and highly configurable platform that gives you a complete overview of energy data, consumption, and performance. Energinet gives you information on whether what you are doing is working. If you have control through a SCADA or industrial control system (ICS), it works on top and monitors the results, making energy management much more efficient.

Energinet today covers around: 

45 000 +
12 000 +
145 000 +
100 000 000 m² +
building area

Easy-to-use interface

The system allows easy data import through API, file transfer, e-mail import, and more. Energinet gives you a clear overview and the reports you need showing energy, waste, and environmental data.

Our primary objective is to create a web-based system with an easy interface, enabling users to access information with just a few clicks.

Building dashboard example in Energinet with standard reports
Access key numbers at a glance with the customisable dashboard in Energinet.


Ready to connect

Increase the value of your chosen solution by expanding Energinet with our many complementary add-ons. Share data between buildings, suppliers, or other systems, or visualize common KPIs and reports of your operation.