Custom setup

A flexible solution for your data structure and visualization needs.

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Custom setup

Energinet provides a highly flexible solution that allows you to visualize and analyze data according to your specific business requirements.

Whether you prefer a standard or customized platform setup, our commitment to flexibility ensures that you have complete control of your data and can make informed decisions with confidence. We firmly believe in putting you in charge of the system and don't keep any functionalities to ourselves. Instead, we empower you with all the tools you need to manage your data and achieve your goals.

Customize your setup to fit your needs in Energient

Folder structure

Easy onboarding of new buildings and meters

With Energinet, we provide simple and user-friendly tools that enable you to add new folders with ease, buildings, and meters to your portfolio. Our portfolio structure is highly configurable and flexible and can be easily set up to meet your specific needs. You can take complete control of the system within your organization and manage your daily business without relying on support from our team.

Smart meters

Virtual meters with calculations​

Smart meters are virtual meters that use calculations based on data from other meters. Energinet offers the feature to create such virtual or calculation meters called "Smart meters". 

Create Smart meters with

  • No limit to the number of mathematical calculations and logical expressions.
  • No restrictions on the content or number of meters used in the calculation.
  • Any data set available in the system, such as the cost of the meter instead of the energy. 
All calculation/virtual meters can be set up with alarm limits similar to physical meters.

Custom KPIs

Customized KPIs for data-driven insights

Customized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play a crucial role in making data-driven decisions. Energinet offers customizable calculations that can help meet your specific requirements. You can use Smart meters to perform any calculation and find the desired KPIs. For instance, you can calculate the technical system's efficiency, such as a heat pump's SCOP or kWh per visitor in a building. These KPIs and any other meter points can be included in custom reports that you cater to your specific needs.

User specific dashboard in Energinet
Choose reports with metrics that are important for you.

Custom meter types

Unmatched meter flexibility with custom meter types​

We offer a wide range of standard meter types. However, we understand your business may require a custom meter type to collect specific data. That’s why we provide unmatched flexibility by allowing you to create your own custom meter types and onboard any data you choose to our platform.

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