Quick, easy and versatile monitoring

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Want to know more about wireless monitoring?


Wireless monitoring represents a shortcut to a full overview. With sensors designed to register a range of parameters, you always have a team of little helpers working on your commercial property. No matter what you want to measure, you will always receive warnings in the event of non-conformances. 

Add-on features

Quick and easy installation on all kinds of equipment

The wireless sensors are so versatile that you can use them anywhere. You can fit them just where something needs measuring, and installation is so simple you can do it yourself. To start, we set the threshold values for you. You can then login and change them as you see fit. The solution is supplier independent, so it makes no difference what type of equipment you already have.

Notification of non-conformances

The sensors communicate with our servers. If the temperature – or whatever parameter you wish to measure – falls below or rises above a set value, the system automatically notifies you by text message. This means that you will be informed quickly if a piece of equipment is malfunctioning, allowing you to take steps to prevent loss and damage.

Versatile monitoring

We supply sensors that can measure temperature, pressure, and humidity. This allows you to monitor everything from server rooms and boats to car washes and transport vehicles. Secure, affordable, wireless.