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Solutions for energy management

Let us help you find your energy management solution.

Solutions for energy management

Companies and businesses across all sectors are turning to energy management to reduce their operation costs. It's necessary not only for cost-controlling but also to meet modern tenants' needs and the new sustainable targets and requirements. Our solutions are built to meet the future.

Because while specific requirements and needs may differ by business, the principle and goal remain the same; to create energy measures with an impact.

Real Estate

Our energy management solutions cover the whole from commercial buildings such as shopping malls, retailers, and office spaces to multi-residential apartments or condominiums. 

Illustration: These buildings often include a variety of technical installations affecting the energy usage, like; as cooling systems, ventilation units, heat recovery systems, heat pumps, electrical installations, and Groundwater pumps.

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Identify opportunities for energy savings 

As a decision-maker, you need future-proof solutions that enable you to comply with regulations and have a positive environmental impact. Our cloud solutions cover the whole chain from metering to reporting.

Use Energinet to collect energy data of all shapes and sizes, and get specialized algorithms for deviation detection and forecasting of energy consumption.

We have invested about 820.000 NOK in total to reach the goal of 13% reduction in energy consumption, and we expect one man-labor year for follow-up of our 400.000 m2. This gives us a pay-back time of less than a year.

Robert FjellstadUnit manager, Oslo University Hospital

Use Edge in existing systems by connecting through APIs, or take advantage of the cloud service to stay on top of energy usage. Easily connect to all your buildings, allowing you to identify discrepancies and analyze energy use for your entire portfolio.

Valuable metering, connected buildings, and smart cloud-based systems are both making it easier for us and creating a better indoor environment for our tenants, and Kiona is leading the way in this

Per EklundCEO, Victoriahem AB

Production and manufacturing

Get down to the crucial details. Our solutions are made for properties used for manufacturing and production, such as factories, plants, and warehouses. 

Illustration: Production facilities often include a variety of technical installations affecting the energy usage, like; as process cooling systems, ventilation units, heat recovery systems, heat pumps, electrical installations, groundwater pumps, autoclaves, and other specialized equipment.

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Secure measures with an impact

Use our systems to ensure running operations at all times, or utilize our add-ons for specialized algorithms.

  • Energinet is designed for automatic reception of any data type such as energy, water, gas, production data, liters, kg, m3, steam, pressure, and temperatures.

Choose a complete solution

Get the most out of your investment by combining solutions—the perfect choice for you who want to take energy-saving seriously.

Energy industry

We receive data from many different grid companies, power suppliers, data loggers, BMS systems, renovators, PLC systems, meteorological institutes, and other third-party systems in a wide range of different formats.

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Track progress and improvements – and communicate results

  • The specialized algorithms are designed to increase energy efficiency and help control costs. See detailed follow-up reports with compiled energy, indoor climate, economy, and Co2 savings, and get the insights needed to make data-driven decisions.
  • Utilize the different dashboards and reporting tools to create excitement for your energy results while boosting your environmental profile.

Why it matters

Minimizing environmental impact

41% of the world’s energy consumption is related to buildings, meaning the entire sector is under intense pressure from tenants and regulatory agencies to reduce its footprint.

We aim to tackle urbanization, environmental concerns, and digital expectations head first.

Start connecting your systems to a Kiona solution, and you’re well on your way to gaining control, enhancing tenant experience, supporting employees, reducing energy usage, and minimizing environmental impact.

We’ll keep our word of creating cost-effective solutions that make it all viable..