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At Kiona, we aim not only to create open, flexible, and independent solutions but also to bring these concepts to life. Jon Åkerström, our Chief Product Officer, explains what this looks like in reality – and how our product platform develops as we go.
  • Maria Sotberg




Developing the Kiona product platform
The product and innovation team developing the Kiona platform.

Jon Åkerström has more than two decades of experience in product and system development. Together with our products and innovation team, he works closely with everything in the realm of property technology.

Because our product platform is fundamentally open and customizable, flexible and independent solutions are encouraged – and prioritized. The whole mantra is that open, flexible, and independent solutions = more opportunities for customers and partners.

We do not force you to use a specific infrastructure or a specific brand of equipment. We do not lock you up with costly service agreements you cannot get out of for years. In addition, our products enable independent cross-system data communication extending the lifetime of existing infrastructure.

Jon Åkerström

But to bring innovation and creativity to our partners, the whole product platform must be thoroughly thought out while keeping an eye on the price.

Creating the product platform

The products and innovation team works with a development process considering current strategic goals, technical state, suggested innovations, and customers' and partners' upcoming needs.

In addition, the team stays updated with technology, trends, and Proptech technologies. This means that the development of ideas and concepts is a continuous process.

– We have several support systems to help us prioritize, such as our idea portal, feedback channels, relevant community forums, and interviews with customers and partners. This helps us identify customers' problems, needs, and the tasks they are trying to perform within our markets and segments. And that is, by the end of the day, the most crucial part of our product development, Åkerström explains.

Open solutions: programmable or ready-made

We often like to translate open with accessible. That means you should get any data in any format you want when you want it.

– We have integrations to virtually any equipment and offer open APIs for all our products. We support over 25 communication protocols, over 4000 different PLCs – each with freely programmable variations – and a vast number of IOT APIs and wireless standards, Åkerström continues.

That means you can use our ready-made smart functions and analytics tool or choose to go with a third-party solution. Full freedom and less risk.

Combine all this with the integration platform's freely programmable functions or ready-made functions for controlling all electrical equipment such as ventilation, heat pumps, regulators, charging posts, and so on, and large savings in electricity consumption can be achieved.

Driving innovation forward

A major part of the everyday work is to ensure that our "roadmap" reflects our shared sustainability goals.

Åkerström highlights the importance of developing tools that create opportunities for partners and customers. Opportunities to be creative, adapt, and expand so that they are allowed to be innovative in their business. This creates actual incitement that drives development forward.

With an open platform, building owners, contractors, refrigeration experts, service technicians, and facility and operations managers can all access and configure each feature and tailor their product suite to fit their needs. The same goes for energy advisors, employees, tenants, and developers.

What benefits does that give our partners and customers going forward? 

– In the short term, customers will see that the current platform development will improve how the products work together, providing more effective operations as a direct effect. Speaking more long term, we have a very ambitious goal: to build Europe's leading Proptech platform. But we do not think we can do that alone. 

– We will do it together with our partners and customers, Åkerström concludes.

Be proactive from anywhere – anytime.