Temperature monitoring and remote control. The icy Guardians of Svalbard.

The icy Guardians of Svalbard

Deep inside an icy mountain on Svalbard lies a small piece of humanity's last defense.
The minds behind the algorithm, Photo: Raghunath Vairamuth and Mitra Hajigholi

The minds behind the algorithms

With these algorithms, energy experts can show customers directly what savings they can achieve using our services.
Defrosting made easy - take control of the ice

Defrosting made easy - take control of the ice

How well do you know your freezer or refrigerated counter?

Product Specialist and Account Manager - Finland

We are looking for an enthusiastic, driven product specialist to join our fantastic team.
Technical sales manager - Finland

Technical Sales Manager - Finland

We seek a sales-oriented, professional technical sales engineer to join our company. Send in your application today!

Why everyone is talking about Proptech

Smart buildings, smart cities, and a smarter world. Everything seems to be synonymous with Proptech. It's a digital revolution that will shake up the real estate industry as we know it.
Understanding energy efficiency paves the way for order

Understanding energy efficiency paves the way for order

Terhi Toppinen-Häyrinen, Property Manager, develops the energy efficiency at Settlement Apartments Ltd with Kiona.
Critical resources

Critical resources are more than just food

Critical resources are stored throughout Europe. Things we need in everyday life. Something is there in case it all goes wrong one day. But how can we protect the most important things we have?
Becoming one Kiona

Becoming one

To offer the best Proptech platform on the market, we must continue to innovate – bigger, faster, and better. That's why we created Kiona. Read more about what that means for you.