What you need to know about the future shut-down of 2G and 3G networks

Network operators in Europe have started to phase out 2G and 3G to make room for new technologies. Most operators have announced the full operation of the 2G network until at least 31/12/2025.
  • Marcus Sundberg

    Product Marketing



2G/3G sunset
Photo: Ryan Gee / Unsplash
Shutdown dates per country and network has been listed on Wikipedia: 2G phase-out and 3G phase-out.

The phase-out and shutdown are taking place across Europe at roughly the same time. A substantial amount of mission-critical equipment is currently operative on this network, such as personal safety alarms, access control systems, elevators, IoT products, etc. All equipment currently on this network must be replaced before the shutdown of this network to continue working properly. 

Devices that collect data from buildings are also affected. Your equipment from Kiona, such as Edge Hub, Gateway, and Climate logger, currently supports 2G and 3G and will need to be replaced before this technology sunsets on 31/12/2025. 

We have developed a new Hub and Gateway to ensure a smooth transition before the 2G sunset. These communicate with LTE/4G, but due to semiconductor shortages around the world, it is expected that these will be available for delivery first by Q4 2022.  

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