Get customized dashboard and reports with Energinet

We have designed our EMS tool to allow you to compare, analyze, and understand the energy performance of your building. Easy setup and user-friendly reports and dashboards give you a complete overview of your buildings and energy consumption and countless reports showing your energy, waste, and environmental data.
  • Sara Hampf

    Product Marketing




Reports in Energinet can list any data, for example, energy, water, waste, cost, and CO2 savings. You can choose between a wide range of pre-made reports. It is possible to compare the overall reports that cover parts of a building, the whole building, or even the whole portfolio of buildings. 

Here are a few examples of reports ready to use:

  • Energy analysis, 
  • Carbon dioxide emissions, 
  • Energy consumption, 
  • Water usage, 
  • Waste quantities, 
  • Solar production
  • COP figures 

Our EMS's flexibility also lets you create your own reports – only your creativity will set the limit. Create a tenant report or an energy analysis in any way you wish. Or make a report on custom meter types and smart meters.

Share your reports

You can easily share your reports with relevant colleagues, customers, or tenants. This is an easy way of sharing information and knowledge about, for example, energy or waste consumption. Reports can be sent automatically via e-mail at pre-determined intervals. Get complete control of when to send the reports at any given time on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. You decide on what day or time you want the report delivered, which is then automated in the system. 

User-specific dashboard

You can design your dashboard to make your work easier and more efficient. Choose relevant reports for your work and add them to the dashboard to get a fast and clear view of your building's information and consumption. Select from both standard reports and your custom-made reports. If you work with a portfolio of buildings, each can have a different dashboard, depending on what information you need from each building. 

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