Simpler projects, faster rollouts, and less risk – combining Vattenfall's API with Edge

Deciphering your building's energy consumption can be a hassle, often involving permissions, installers, and long waits – but not anymore. With your existing Vattenfall hardware and an API to Edge, we can automatically collect and analyze your energy data, giving you a better overview. Here is how it works:
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Combining Vattenfall API with Edge
Get feedback and data visualization from meters and indoor sensors in Edge.

Understanding and optimizing energy consumption is paramount.

However, understanding energy consumption has traditionally been a challenging task. It involved getting permission from your energy company, coordinating with installers to come and connect new hardware, dealing with potential problems, and waiting for weeks to get the system up and running. All these factors made the process time-consuming, costly, and far from efficient.

About Edge

Edge AI is our software service (SaaS) that connects to your existing building systems through API integration. Access to data on how thousands of buildings behave under different circumstances informs the algorithm. And by constantly adding collected data from your building back into it, the AI is self-learning.

And if you have many meters, it can be a huge project.

Luckily, there is a simpler way. Using your building's existing hardware from Vattenfall and their API – Edge can automatically collect, analyze, and present all your energy data in an easy-to-understand summary. Here is how it works and what benefits you can expect:

Remote reading: your gateway to seamless data transfer

Vattenfall collects and reads data from your energy meters remotely. Vattenfall's API integration also allows for remote data reading to other systems, simplifying the process of energy monitoring. Edge can obtain this data via the API every 15 minutes, providing a real-time overview and analysis of your energy consumption.

This level of detail can help identify trends and areas for improvement. Plus, no one likes being surprised when the energy bill lands in the inbox.

Easier projects and faster roll-out – using your existing hardware

Gone are the days of chasing down multiple parties, waiting around for installations, and dealing with unexpected problems. Also, by using hardware that already exists in your building, we reduce the need for additional components and devices, promoting sustainability. That's good news for our planet.

Making sense of it all with Edge

Once the data is in, it's sent to our self-learning AI, Edge. This is where the magic happens. The data gets crunched, analyzed, and turned into insights about how you're using energy. While Vattenfall uses this data for billing, we use it to give you a clear picture of what's going on with your energy consumption – and how you can improve.

Edge works around the clock to optimize your building's energy usage and show you, using historical and real-time data, whether you are on track.

Armed with this knowledge, you can make smart decisions and really get a handle on your energy use.

Want to know how you can use Vattenfall's API with Edge? Talk to me!

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