IWMAC: Updated design of the list view

We are working hard to make it easier for you to manage your portfolio. As a step in that direction, we've made changes to the list of plants.
  • Helen Torgersen

    UX Designer

  • Marcus Sundberg

    Product Manager



IWMAC: Updated design of the list view
Get updated with a glance – tag favorites, sort alarms, and see whether you have connective issues in the simplified status.

Product: IWMAC

New: Updated design of the list view

This is the first of several changes that will make it easier to view what is important to you and analyze your portfolio.

  • You can now mark plants as favorites and filter to "Only view favorites" in the list. This will make it easier to focus on the plants you need to devote extra time to or only see the plants you are responsible for.
  • Alarms are now divided in a way that will make it possible to filter the alarms you are interested in and easier to compare.
  • Simplified statuses make it easier to see with a glance if you have connective issues.

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