Meet Web Port: the answer to flexible building integrations

Imagine having a toolbox that lets you design, scale, and tweak without limits. Crafted with partner input for a decade, Web Port is a go-to for many because of its customization features. Hear from Joakim Nilén, Product Manager at Kiona and one of the creators behind the software, what lies at the core of Web Port's appeal.
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Joakim Nilén, Product Manager at Kiona, talks about Web Port.
Photo: Joakim Nilén, Product Manager at Kiona.

Web Port isn't your run-of-the-mill system – it's designed for building integrators who crave flexibility and efficiency.

"Back in 2011, when we created what later became Web Port, we wanted to make a building integration solution that was completely open in terms of hardware, code standards, drivers, and APIs. Since then, Web Port has been developed with our partners and can today, a decade later, be described as one of the most flexible solutions out there," says Joakim Nilén, Product Manager at Kiona and one of the founders of Web Port.

The mindset has always been the same: we don't want solutions that "lock" partners and end customers into one service provider.

We want you to have complete control over the solution you create. You decide what hardware to use, who you work with, what functionality is needed, how to deploy, and the look of the final solution. This lets our partners be creative and build solutions that fit their customers' needs and requirements.

"We have no hidden agenda, so you can choose the system or component that best suits your customers," he continues.

Features that support easier projects and faster roll-out

Nilén emphasizes that Web Port is the perfect choice for automation partners, highlighting its modular design that caters to integrators. With a focus on customization and efficiency, Web Port lets partners create tailored solutions for their projects.

Web Port HMI editor for building integrations
Photo: Create the ideal HMI for your project with Web Port's drag-and-drop editor.

At the core of Web Port's appeal lies its tailor-made approach:

  • Flexibility at its core: Web Ports modular design lets partners customize solutions, add new features, and handle changing project requirements effortlessly.
  • Ready to scale: As projects grow, Web Port evolves with you, ensuring seamless scalability for partners.  
  • Drag-and-drop magic: Using Blockly, partners can create scripts effortlessly, regardless of their coding background.
  • Visual development: Partners can visually design projects, add bespoke functionalities, and generate code snippets seamlessly within the web interface.

A worthwhile investment

"The ever-increasing focus on sustainable practices means that customers are more interested in investing in solutions to improve their buildings' energy efficiency and management. To achieve this, more transparency and easier access to data is a prerequisite." Nilén continues.   

Luckily, we and our partners have focused on that for years.  

"We are seeing an increased use of standard solutions, wireless technologies, and open systems. That will benefit both service partners and end-customers in the long term," he concludes.

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