Edge - Web Port seamless navigation

Move smoothly between our Edge and Web Port platforms with seamless navigation.
  • Sara Hampf

    Product Marketing



Seamless navigation with Edge and Web Port
Now you get seamless navigation with Edge and Web Port. @Kiona

Picture this; You have a property stock of 140,000 m2 spread over 30 properties. Now, imagine controlling all third-party applications data, technical equipment, and systems from these properties, while at the same time, you can control the indoor climate and optimize energy use.

This is possible thanks to seamless navigation.

Seamless navigation gives the user the possibility to connect buildings in Edge with process pictures in Web Port. This allows for the user to move smoothly between platforms. From the helicopter-view of the complete building-portfolio in Edge, down to the more specific building-view in Web Port, and the other way around.

Combining this with Single-Sign-On gives the user a seamless experience and intuitive workflow.

This is how it works


With our IoT platform, Edge, you get a powerful self-learning AI engine connected to all your buildings, allowing you to get in control of indoor climate and optimize energy use.  Identify discrepancies and analyze energy use for your entire portfolio, and watch the AI get smarter for each day that passes.

Web Port

What makes Web Port special is its independence, scalability, and flexibility. It collaborates closely with integration partners and the diverse requirements of building owners, tenants, and policymakers, giving you more than the traditional HMI, BMS, or SCADA system.