IWMAC launches on the Finnish market – "We're here to challenge the status quo within refrigeration- and building technology"

"It's no longer enough to rely on guesswork or gut feeling, fragmented solutions or disconnected systems. With IWMAC, we provide the tools and knowledge necessary to make data-driven decisions – maximizing cost-effectiveness. It's time for the industry to step up a level," says Joacim Hindersson, Head of Business in Finland.
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Joacim Hindersson, Head of Business ready for the IWMAC launch in Finland.
Photo: Joacim Hindersson, Head of Business – Finland.

"The refrigeration and cooling tech market is established, there are integrations, there is unity and openness in the technology, but there is no solution today that effectively connects and ties everything together."

We aim to bring a solution that does just that. Joacim Hindersson, Head of Business, believes that our monitoring software, IWMAC, is the missing piece of the puzzle.

"Enough with the fragmented solutions and disconnected systems. We're here to challenge the status quo in the market by looking at the whole picture and integrating all systems. It's time for the industry to step up and embrace true efficiency," says Joacim.

What is IWMAC?

IWMAC is a hybrid cloud system that allows you to monitor all technical installations related to refrigeration, cooling, buildings, and industry. A server connection to the cloud ensures you can access all data anytime, anywhere. The system is vendor-independent and can be integrated with all technical equipment – unique in the industry. This means you can easily combine old systems with new ones and give older components a functional boost.

Simplicity and scalability at its core

Hindersson emphasizes that the system caters to both small shops and large chain-owned supermarkets, as well as other large, complex buildings. The ability to adapt to different sizes and complexities sets it apart from other solutions.

And in a world driven by data, businesses need to make decisions based on reliable information.

"It's no longer enough to rely on guesswork or gut feeling. With IWMAC, we provide the tools and knowledge necessary to make data-driven decisions that maximize cost-effectiveness, minimize waste, and cut unnecessary expenses", Joacim explains.

Over 5,000 buildings in the Nordic region have already installed IWMAC. The system is used by service contractors to optimize systems so they can run as energy efficiently as possible.

Proven reliability for service partners and refrigeration technicians

But the solution doesn't just benefit businesses; it empowers service companies as well. One of the key factors behind IWMAC's success is the collaboration with skilled partners. These partners bring their expertise and in-depth knowledge of processes and customer needs, enabling seamless integration into existing systems.

Instead of a reactive service model, partners can identify product defects and process errors before they cause significant issues. This saves money for the customer and allows partners to build up their service business by delivering ongoing monitoring and follow-up.

The best is that you don't have to be an integration specialist; we'll help you with the set-up and how you can use us to grow your local business. IWMAC works just as well for small businesses as corporate giants.

Joacim HinderssonHead of Business, Finland

Anyone interested in becoming a Kiona Certified Partner receives comprehensive training to set up our systems safely and efficiently. And, of course, we always recommend that end customers use one of our Certified Partners.

Driving business transformation and cost-effectiveness

Beyond being just a provider of software solutions for partners, Joacim aims to drive business transformation in the market and help those building their businesses within the cooling and refrigeration field.

"We need APIs, systems, and drivers, but that's just the technology – or one piece of the puzzle. Our goal is to move away from individual integrations and focus on the bigger picture of energy-efficient buildings. Technical integrations must bring tangible benefits, and there's still a way to go there."

He acknowledges the importance of money in decision-making for customers, partners, and the industry. By showcasing the financial benefits of our IWMAC solution, he hopes to help customers build their businesses efficiently, regardless of the size or complexity of systems.

Joacim Hindersson shakes hand with Bravida Finland before Kionas IWMAC launch
Joacim Hindersson (right) welcoming one of our Finnish partners, Bravida Finland (former HKA), with their certification.

With a history of success, IWMAC has been tried, tested, and proven effective.

"Now we're just waiting to hear from you who want to digitize your workflow and access your facilities from anywhere – anytime. "Joacim concludes.

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