IWMAC: Alarm Monitoring incident report

Get an overview of incidents, the date of occurrence, and the measures our alarm operators took.
  • Marte Engdal

    Service Manager

  • Marcus Sundberg

    Product Manager



IWMAC: Alarm Monitoring incident report
Access the call log and see all incidents reported by out Alarm Centre
Product: IWMAC
New: Alarm Monitoring incident report

See what happens at our alarm center at all times (for customers with IWMACs add-on Alarm Monitoring 24/7).  

  • Every call-out done by our alarm operators will often be noted with an explanation of the incident, the date of notification, and the number/person who is notified.  
  • You can see all incidents in the same overview if you have multiple plants.  
  • Additional improvements have been made to the backend to give you a better experience.  

The incident report is now available for all customers with Alarm Monitoring 24/7.   

To access it: Click on the "Call log" button accessible from the menu (upper right-hand corner) in Operation Center.   

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