Edge: Riots Integration

Integrate temperature and humidity data from Riots to Edge
  • Mikael Lönner

    IoT 2 Cloud Integration

  • Marcus Sundberg

    Product Manager



Product: Edge

New: Riots Integration

You can now easily integrate and import temperature and humidity data from Riots to Edge. Riots are a Finnish device manufacturer specializing in building automation solutions.

Riots Room sensor

If you already have invested or will invest in a solution from Riots, you can use it with Edge. This opens up several opportunities for taking the next step in energy optimization and maintenance efficiency without new hardware investments.

This allows you to use your investments better and ensures that you optimally use the data.

  • Use temperature and humidity data from Riots in Edge
  • No need for new hardware investment
  • Analyze your indoor climate in 3D buildings
  • Energy optimization with Edge AI self-learning algorithm
  • Full portfolio overview with the Smartphone App

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