We take responsibility in the energy crisis – offering spot prices to all subscribing customers

"In an extremely volatile market, offering critical data at no cost is our way of taking responsibility in a crisis situation," says Jon Åkerström, CPO. And starting today, you get free access to spot prices within any Kiona solution to optimize both buildings and supermarkets – and survive a winter of energy crisis.
  • Jon Åkerström


  • Marcus Sundberg

    Product Manager



NEW: Spot Price Data

Making the most out of every kilowatt is more critical than ever. All over Europe, we're trying to keep the energy use down while the bills keep climbing. The energy crisis is gripping the world, with potentially grave consequences.


According to data from Nord Pool, there is a difference of almost 400% in the European electricity price in August 2022 compared to February 2021, when we compare the most expensive winter month of 2021 with a summer month. In August 2022, we saw hourly price variations of several thousand percent during a day. In affected regions, this means substantial cost variations for individuals and businesses alike as we enter a historically expensive winter and hourly prices vary widely.

If optimization in the real estate industry has often been about acting responsibly and reducing climate impact, it is now about coping in the short term with a coming winter crisis with skyrocketing electricity prices and overcoming the grid load problem, says Jon Åkerström. 

We have experienced strong interest from our partners to offer tools for smarter electricity use and reduced costs. By shifting electricity use to periods with less load on the grid, we can help control Europe's energy load problem and save money on electricity bills at the same time.  

This is especially useful when you want to reduce high costs related to electricity prices. When heating pools, cooling down ice-hockey rinks, or switching between energy sources – you can make sure that you shift loads to non-busy hours.   

Want to know how you can save energy usage and utilize spot prices in your systems?

Spot prices in Web Port, IWMAC, Energinet, and Edge 

We are proud to contribute in our way with what we do best. That's why we're delivering free access to real-time spot prices reflecting the European electricity market operated by Nord Pool in all Kiona products. 

About Nord Pool

Nord Pool is Europe's leading power market for electrical energy trading, which was the world's first international exchange for such trading. A large number of players from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, and other countries trade electrical energy on Nord Pool.

Nord Pool is the official electricity trading exchange for 16 European countries, meaning electricity use can be managed and planned more intelligently.  

Spot prices are updated at 13:00 every day and contain data for the upcoming 24 hours.

Web Port  

  • The electricity spot prices are freely available for all customers on a subscription model.     
  • Access to spot prices through tags and scripting language enables the creation of smart solutions for electricity, effectively controlling building systems.  
  • Build operational images and report pages that can visualize future, current and historical price data. 
  • Partners can also use Blockly as a high-level "drag and drop" programming language. Spot prices will be a component ready for use.


  • The electricity spot prices data is a freely available add-on to Smart Functions.    
  • Partners and customers can utilize IWMAC Smart Functions with this new feature on existing or new plants to target the challenges involved with high electricity prices.  
  • Tailor-made operational images are available that visualize future, current, and historical price data on the operations.
  • For customers with API access, you can utilize the spot price data in third-party systems for free. 
Spot prices directly in IWMAC
Image: Example of visualization of future, current, and historical price data with spot prices in IWMAC.


  • The spot price is freely available for all customers. 
  • Create reports containing meters with electricity spot prices to, for example, give you insights into how your equipment affects your total operational costs.
Spot price graphs in Energinet
Image: Energinet spot price graphs for various geographic locations.


  • For customers with API access, you can utilize the spot price data in third-party systems for free. 
  • Tailor-made Insights reports are available using future, current and historical price data. 

Want to know how you can save energy usage and utilize spot prices in your systems?