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Over the past two decades, our software has made quantum leaps. Our partner network has expanded from northern Scandinavia to southern Europe, and our motto of open, flexible, and independent solutions has taken its initial steps towards becoming the new industry standard. Read more about who we are, what our solutions does and our goals.
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Kiona gathered at one of their company meetings.
Photo from one of our company gatherings, this time in Trondheim, Norway – where our HQ is located.

At Kiona, we've been helping companies reduce their energy consumption and product losses since 2001. Through an open, independent, and flexible Proptech platform, they get a complete overview of buildings and technical installations. This saves our customers from expensive waste and the environment from emissions.

Being integration experts, we connect systems and people

We may be a tech company, but first and foremost, we're problem solvers. For the grocery store on the corner and for large international companies. The common denominator is that technical installations and buildings require careful monitoring and a clear overview to keep energy costs down and operations running smoothly. It can become expensive if things don't work precisely as they should.

How did we get here? It all started with a small team of building automation, cooling technology, and energy optimization experts. Today, we comprise a team across administration, development, marketing, operations, support, product innovation, and sales, creating the smartest, most cost-efficient Proptech platform on the market. 

Our solutions are open, flexible, and independent. This means they can be easily tailored to meet your specific needs. Our platform integrates all technical systems across brands, suppliers, and ages, giving you the freedom to choose – regardless of era and hardware.

Delivering easy-to-use and easy-to-buy solutions requires teamwork, and we do it because we want to reduce emissions – and create a better future by making buildings part of the solution.

Many who share a vision

To achieve sustainable development, we need to do more than just talk about it. At Kiona, we contribute to that development daily by doing what we do best – optimizing buildings. Because it's really a question of incentives: It's easier to get companies to reduce their environmental footprint when they're saving money by doing so.

But we can't do it alone. That's why we're pleased to have talented partners who share our vision. Anyone interested in becoming a Kiona Certified Partner receives comprehensive training so that they can set up our systems safely and efficiently. And, of course, we always recommend that end customers use one of our Certified Partners. Want to join the team?

Joacim Hindersson at Kiona welcoming a new certified partner
Joacim Hindersson (right) welcoming one of our Finnish partners, Bravida (former Hämeen Kiinteistöautomaatio Oy), with their new Web Port certification.

The road ahead

The new brand, Kiona, was launched in 2021 when the well-established solutions IWMAC, Energinet, Edge, and Web Port merged into one platform. In 2023, Carel became the majority shareholder. Our strategy, commitment to being an independent partner, and people remain the same. Having Carel's backing means we can further strengthen our product development and continue to deliver on what we do best.

I expect an increased focus on simplified installation and faster completion, more use of standard solutions, wireless technology, and open systems. We believe this is what the industry needs as buildings become more complex.

Trond-Øystein Bjørnnes CEO at Kiona.

And over the past two decades, we've only gotten better at what we do: Our software has made quantum leaps. Our products are designed with usability in mind – they look and feel similar across systems, making it easier to switch between them and choose the features you need. And we're not stopping there.

Our partner network has expanded from the smallest corners of northern Scandinavia to the warm and sunny parts of southern Europe, currently counting 200+ partners. We continue our work of creating a better partner program with greater benefits.

Our motto of open, flexible, and independent solutions has already taken its initial steps towards becoming the new industry standard. This is an important step towards achieving our goal of stopping all unnecessary energy usage and CO2 emissions in buildings.

All so our partners and end-customers can enjoy a working day with greater peace of mind and control. For their good and the good of the environment.

Kiona connecting buildings
Kiona – connecting buildings

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