Get ahead of energy efficiency and sustainability with Energinet

We have developed our EMS in close collaboration with customers and energy advisors to provide a full-fledged and easy-to-use system. It is your all-in-one solution for resource management.
  • Sara Hampf

    Product Marketing



Track your energy efficiency and sustainability goals with the Energinet dashboards
Track your energy efficiency and sustainability goals with the Energinet dashboards

At Kiona, we understand the importance of having access to complete data and insights to make informed decisions. Energinet is our energy management system (EMS), developed in collaboration with customers and energy advisors to provide a solution that can meet anyone's needs.

It adapts to all sectors, including property, industrial, power, farming, and transport, providing a complete solution for managing energy consumption and enhancing efficiency. Our platform offers a hassle-free setup, user-friendly interface, and access to essential reports with all critical figures needed to reach your sustainability goals.

Control your data sources and gain control of the sustainability

One of the best features is the possibility of tailoring your reports, analyses, and dashboards to unlock the information your company needs.

Energinet allows you to easily monitor energy consumption, forecast trends, and analyze waste management strategies. It also collects essential building data, pinpoints when energy peaks occur, and enables you to reduce them through optimized energy use.

Efficiency through dynamic solutions

We can guarantee a complete overview of energy data and consumption. Whether you're managing a building or an industrial facility, our adaptable platform equips you with the insights you need to measure performance effectively.

You can easily set specific energy targets for your meters or buildings, track trends and receive instant alarms for deviations, establish performance benchmarks, and fine-tune your energy strategies.

Easy onboarding of new buildings and meters

Our straightforward tool makes it easier to onboard new buildings and meters to your portfolio without complex processes. With unmatched meter flexibility, including the option to create custom meter types, you have complete control over the data you collect and analyze.

Open and user friendly for your convenience

We are committed to creating open solutions, and Energinet is an excellent example. With it, you can easily integrate with external systems, import data through files, or manually enter meter readings. We collect data from third-party software, which receives meter data from their APIs – including data from utility companies or other system suppliers.

Transferring data from other Kiona products, such as IWMAC or Web Port, is a walk in the park with API connections already built into our platform. When data comes in from various systems, it can be frustrating to create reports and extract the data you need at any moment. You get a user-friendly interface that consistently presents all data regardless of the source.

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