Get AI on top of your existing control system

We often talk about openness, flexibility, and independence when we talk about SCADA systems – and this openness doesn't just apply to our own systems. See how some of our customers and partners implement our solutions alongside existing control systems such as Citect, Arrigo, and EcoStruxure to get AI on top. Simple, fast, and affordable.
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Improve your building's performance by adding AI on top of your building control system.
Improve your building's performance by adding AI on top of your existing systems.

For over two decades, we have been connecting people and systems together. Today, roughly 60,000 buildings in Scandinavia and northern Europe are connected to Edge, Energinet, IWMAC, or Web Port.

The solutions and systems you integrate into your buildings should work how you want them to, regardless of the supplier. That's why we are open to integrating both old and new, and not only our own solutions but also those of our "competitors." And that has brought results.

Web Port + Edge: the perfect match

Over the past two years, we have successfully delivered Edge's AI through Web Port with great results. Our references show the effectiveness of connecting existing hardware and building control systems and how you can get more out of your original investment.

For instance, the public housing company PiteBo has been working with AI control and digitalizing their property portfolio since 2021. They started integrating the SCADA system, Web Port, to get an overview of their properties, find errors and carry out improvements.

Once Web Port was in place, injecting Edge's AI steering completely software-wise was simple.

We naturally want to make smart investments and measures that are right for us. One example of this is when we introduced AI. It is a pure software-wise integration that builds on our existing technology and hardware and provides functionality to extend the life of what we have already invested in.

Andreas EngströmProperty manager at PiteBo

At Gdańsk Science and Technology Park (commissioned in 2011-2014), they sought to reduce heating costs by installing a heating management system. A requirement for the new system was that all its elements should be fully compatible with the existing control system at the substation. Therefore, they chose Edge.

Use other solutions

Although combining Edge + Web Port or IWMAC + Energinet is a natural choice, there is no problem integrating solutions from another supplier. By embracing different SCADA platforms and systems, we encourage people to choose the solution that best suits their needs.

Today, we have customers using our solutions on top of existing control systems like Citect, Arrigo, EcoStruxure, Aveva, and many more. We are also currently running projects with Siemens SCADA platform Desigo.

Who uses our solutions?

Several municipalities, offices, multi-residentials, and laboratories are also using one of our solutions, either as stand-alone systems or with others. See more cases.

At Rosengård, Edge was directly implemented on the entire property stock of approximately 140,000 m². This is possible through software integrations with several partners, including our SCADA system Web Port, already installed in about 30 buildings.

We wanted to add some form of smart energy management to our portfolio. When Kiona presented such a solution, made possible through integration to Web Port and integrations to our other technical systems, we found it interesting to investigate. And then it happened quickly. To be up and running fast feels positive.

Jens RingöProperty Manager at Rosengård Fastighets AB

Ömangruppen, one of our certified partners, uses Web Port and Energinet to cut customers' operating costs. Because Web Port can "talk" many different languages, it has several ready-made drivers that can be connected to existing control systems. See how this improves Ömangruppens everyday life:

Got another system in your building?

We're always on the lookout for new platforms that can be integrated. Do you have a specific system in mind? Get in touch with our sales department, and we'll help you figure out what's the best way to go.

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