IWMAC alarm app – for you on the go

Our new alarm app for IWMAC places what you need on the go, straight in your pocket.
  • Marcus Sundberg

    Product Manager

  • Maria Sotberg




IWMAC Alarm App
Stay updated with our new IWMAC Alarms app – monitor and confirm alarms in one place.

Use the new app, "IWMAC Alarms", to access your plant alarms from your phone.

This access lets you monitor and confirm alarms that occur so that you can stay updated and in control, no matter time and place.

Download and login

The app is freely accessible on IOS and Android handheld devices. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google play store.

All users with an IWMAC solution can use the app with their existing username and password. When logging in the first time, you can enable simple login with biometrics (FaceID/ fingerprints).   

SMS with alarms will have a link to open in the app (if you don't have the app, you will be sent to either Google Play or the Appstore) 

  • Confirm all alarms on one facility or several.
  • Monitor your plants on the go.
  • Simplified login using biometrics.

See help article to get started.