Giving food, people, and the environment a second chance

Every single month, Matsentralen distributes 40,000 meals to non-profit organizations. The least we can do is give back some extra food security.

Matsentralen is a network of eight food centers that facilitate the redistribution of surplus food from the food industry to non-profit organizations that help the disadvantaged. The goal is to create a sustainable food system.

The food center opened in Trondheim in 2018. Together with its donors and recipients, it contributes to 7 of the UN's 17 sustainability goals – the world's joint work plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality, and stop climate change by 2030. We at Kiona are proud to contribute in our way, with what we do best. That is why we support Matsentralen with a free IWMAC system.

Through their work, they help the food industry reduce food waste and enable non-profit organizations to help people in difficult life situations.

The collaboration with Kiona consists of the SCADA system IWMAC, which provides digital monitoring of the temperature in the cloud solution. This gives the food center a better overview of the food they take care of and prevent further loss of goods. The facility is monitored, and managers are notified if deviations occur. In this way, they have a complete overview of the refrigeration systems – and can override them from anywhere.

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  • In Norway, we throw away 385,000 tonnes of food a year. That food should first go to someone who needs it, but it has also cost the environment a lot to produce it in the first place. I had wanted digital monitoring of the temperature, so I don’t have to remember to write it down manually. It is much more comfortable, and besides, it is reassuring to know that I am notified if something goes wrong. There has been a strong spirit of hard work, and Kiona has been in good company. I am very grateful that people stand up for us.

  • We are concerned about food safety and always follow the Food Safety Authority's guidelines. This contribution from Kiona makes it even easier to take care of the food we store.

    Marte Lønvik Bjørnsund, Manager, Matsentralen Trøndelag

    Matsentralen Trøndelag


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