Energy in historic buildings

Polish State Railways

Saving thermal energy in historic buildings

Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A. (Polish State Railways) is one of Poland's largest real estate owners. Their buildings and structures mainly perform functions related to the transport and service of travelers (railway stations) and commercial real estate.

As many as 200 railway stations have been modernized in recent years, but over 3 000 beautiful, old buildings remain. These are declared worthy of protection.

The headquarter of the Polish State Railways also belongs to this category.
Due to its historical character and conservator's supervision, the building cannot be thermo-modernized, which results in a big challenge related to energy costs and maintaining thermal comfort.

The headquarter consist of an area of 16 000 m², located in the city center, in the historical building of the former Railway Directorate of Gdańsk.

For the past 3 years, Edge's cloud service has helped with this task. Considering future external and internal conditions like temperature, humidity, solar energy, wind strength, and direction, Edge can be used to estimate the exact amount of energy required to maintain the desired temperature. The whole process is analyzed and optimized continuously by artificial intelligence algorithms adjusting the controller of the thermal center.

Installation is fast and straightforward. The whole process takes a few hours. The devices communicate by radio, based on wireless M-BUS protocol, and the batteries last up to 10 years.

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Energy savings/year:

23,6 %

Reduction of thermal energy consumption:

27 kWh/m²


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