Tårnby Municipality

Tårnby Municipality

Tårnby is a municipality of opportunity, close to the capital and the rest of the world. Creating sustainable development requires an active effort from everyone. It requires businesses, citizens, and every institution in the municipality to work efficiently.

They manage 236 buildings with a heated area of 231 000 m². The buildings vary from daycare centers, schools, sports facilities, libraries, and administration buildings.

Reaching energy targets

The cooperation between Tårnby Municipality and Kiona started with a dialogue with the municipalities' building management team. They needed a system to help them reach their saving targets and a solution to get a better overview of the buildings to identify poor performance and energy waste.
The functions in Edge matched the demands of the team, and with its easy installation, scalability, and fast roll-out, it was a natural choice.

Tårnby started integrating its largest buildings as the most significant saving potential can be found here (38 buildings / 180 000 m²). After achieving a reduction of 8.9% in heat consumption within the first 1.5 years, they also decided to include their smaller buildings. Today, they have our IoT platform and AI engine, Edge, installed in 110 of their facilities.

The goal was to create a constant temperature in the buildings and lower the flow temperature, thereby reducing their heat consumption. An investment that would pay for itself.

Benefits of controlling the heat

Sensors are installed on heating circuits and in the rooms so that the building management team can constantly monitor the heat - resulting in a comfortable indoor climate. Edge AI is used to understand the building's heating needs in combination with temperature, wind, sun, and rain.

By maintaining a constant temperature, you avoid overheating and save energy. This predictive capability is advantageous when the sun breaks out and starts heating your buildings or when there are large temperature fluctuations from day to night.

"The physical installation of Kiona's products is straightforward, and the system starts to optimize as soon as it is implemented."

The project has provided greater insight into heat consumption. New data available has also improved the collaboration between technical service staff and the management team. And the system is even used to gain insight into what actions should be taken to improve the building to achieve further savings.

Creating the greenest municipality

The weather forecast management has contributed to reducing heat consumption by 8.9%, and there is still a decrease in consumption equivalent to saving 7.5 kWh / m² per year. Their target is to save 10%. 

The success continues in the municipality's 74 smaller buildings, and the collaboration and effort continue to grow. 

See the full story from our collaboration with Tårnby:

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