Energinet for partners

Offer a valuable EMS solution to your customers

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Energinet for partners

Is Energinet the right tool for you? If your line of work is within building-, energy- or waste management, there are many reasons to join our community.

Our system is ideal to be sold through partners, allowing you to provide your customers with a valuable EMS solution. By partnering with us, you can offer an excellent tool for reducing costs, lowering environmental impacts, ensuring compliance, and improving overall operational efficiency.

Join our partner program and get all the software, expert support, and resources needed to excel in your work.

Your EMS partner

As a partner, you can help your clients get a complete and valuable overview of their energy, waste management, and consumption. You enable them to reduce costs and environmental footprint through our Energinet system. 

What do you get as a Kiona Partner?

  • Training in Energinet and other Kiona products.
  • Advice and support from our product experts.
  • Tools for the fast rollout of Energinet—get your project up and running in a few weeks, from order to operational system.
  • Affordable systems and competitive pricing—only pay for what you use.
  • Complete overview of your client's energy data, consumption, and performance.
  • Offer complete solutions for your clients using Energinet in combination with Web Port or IWMAC.

Partner benefits

Designed to be sold by partners


Simple and highly adaptable

You can meet any project requirements with this adaptable software, aligning it perfectly with your customer's needs. Energinet is simple to use and has a logical interface that will make your work and that of your customers easier.

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Partner-handled setup and fast rollout

Take control of the setup and management process independently and support your customer with a trouble-free experience. Benefit from fast and efficient system setup, ensuring a quick and smooth integration into your customers' operations.


User access levels

Energinet allows for high flexibility when handling user levels. Work with both read and write user access—from portfolio level and down to a single building to accommodate the roles needed.


Focus on what's important

Let the system optimize the buildings automatically while you focus on what's essential—efficient surveillance of your client's property portfolio. Get your prioritizations right and work proactively.

Partner-specific branding

As a certified partner, you can co-brand with your logo in the system. If you want Premium partner access, you can get skin customization with a special add-on agreement. This way, your customer can recognize the company's identity and portfolio of services.

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Offer complete solutions

Boost your offers with unbeatable customer deals as a Kiona partner

Use Energinet in combination with your preferred building management software. By offering a customizable building management, energy management, or refrigeration solution, you can increase your competitive advantage and improve your offering and results. Get flexible solutions and add-ons to meet your customer's needs.

Expand your offering with building integration tools available on our platform


Get total control of the technical facility. IWMAC controls the installations, while Energinet tells you if the SCADA system and the measures you take - deliver as they should. The preferred choice of our refrigeration partners.

Web Port

Powerful features for partners that enjoy building integrations solutions themselves. Measure the effect of adjustments made inside Web Port and see how the change in the values affects your total energy consumption in Energinet.

Interested in finding out more about our partnership program?