Eichmann Property Management Gmbh

Eichmann Property Management GmbH

Good for the indoor climate, good for the environment.

Already in 2016, Eichmann Property Management GmbH (Original: Eichmann Grundstücksverwaltung GmbH) started testing our IoT and AI platform, Edge, in two of their buildings in Berlin.

Apart from the pure cost saving, two additional positive aspects were highlighted at the start of the project. First was the benefit for the environment through reduced consumption. And second, the comfort of continuous monitoring of the boiler room. This means you can simplify the follow-up of existing system technology and detect errors earlier. A strategic investment to create a more well-rounded indoor climate.

Through effective and continuous follow-up with Edge, around 1800 EUR/year was saved in the two buildings. Several errors were discovered during the first 12 months. Flaws in both heating systems were found, which were gradually corrected. Overall, the optimization meant that the tenants would benefit from reduced heating costs. This also helps save the environment from unnecessary emissions.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, the constant overview of what was happening in the boiler room was an important reason for the landlord to invest. Based on the experience gained, the facility manager decided in 2017 to expand with 17 additional buildings connected to Edge.

This project shows how ecological and social factors can be reconciled. And last but not least, it pays off financially.

Looking to make energy savings in your buildings?

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  • We are convinced by the Kiona service: annual savings higher than the cost (including installation effort), a continuous overview of the boiler room, and remote control of the supply temperature (no on-site appointment necessary). Also, mold problems can be cleared up more easily.

    Till Eichmann, Asset Manager


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